Here are the data logged during my trip using an Open Gpx tracker App. In case the map is not displaying right on some devices gmaps or OSMaps) you can see the path as a pictures here>>>Route static

GPS data differs a little from the bike computer results, this is normal. As for example my GPS logged total distance, is a bit shorter than total distance from my bike computer. Sometimes to save a battery, I had to reduce sampling frequency to record the points once every 20, 30 minutes,  GPS receiver and all the read/write operations sucks a lot of energy from the battery.  Before the trip I have bought an extra non big brand phone but with a huge declared capacity of 6000mAh (the real measured value is 4000). Sometimes an logging App have been hanged up for a several minutes till I noted that and restarted it. Thus, I lost some miles as well.  But the bike computer was counting my distance almost all the time, besides some cases when the sensor was disconnected after an off road and bush cycling. The average speed differs as well from those from a bike computer this is due to the fact that the gps logger was active and sampling the data even when I was going shopping, eating, resting and so on.  Other inaccuracy comes from the GPS altitude measurement. My total climbing and descending from GPS data is about +-29000m whereas google says it’s about +-18500 along my route.

The most real data comming from a bike computer in section >> Stats.

Here is the track:
(You can zoom the track, on mobile devices just zoom in a graph or map as usually with two fingers.
On a computer just use your mouse wheel to zoom a map or a cursor on a graph, just click on graph and select this part you want to zoom in)

If you like, you can disable speed or altitude line in the graph, just click on small square red or blue icon.

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