The gallery is using java (java must be active or java plugin for web-browser).  On the slow connection wait until all the thumbnails are loaded. Then the script is loaded and active and you can swipe the pictures very easy like on mobile device or just clicking left right arrow on the computer display.  Otherwise you have to click every picture and again back to the gallery and again and again.

The people gallery is password protected only for my hosts, I did not ask them if they have something against to be online therefore, its locked.  If you are a host you received a password. There are just few photos me and my hosts, not all of course just few of them.  So if you are just a visitor you do not miss much.

And if you are my host and you have any photo or movie of me, please let me know, i would like to have it.

Gallery Day after day:

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Coast to coast cycling across USA, NY-LA, Rowerem przez USA